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Danell Spillman

Advisory Board Member

Danell Spillman is a Recognized Peer Support Specialist, Family Recovery and Support Specialist, a Certified Justice Involved Re-Entry Peer Support Specialist, Strengthening Families Facilitator, Alliance Children’s Trust Fund Trainer of Trainers for prevention of child abuse and neglect, a Certified Emotional CPR (eCPR) Trainer, a champion of HOPE (Healthy Outcomes from Positive Experiences, and a certified

facilitator for numerous programs in recovery and support for people with behavioral health challenges and Child and Family Advocacy, and Chronic Illness Self-Management Trainer. As well as a child and family, Health and Wellness Coach and facilitator for numerous recovery, support, health, and wellness programs.

Danny has a natural concern for improving outcomes for children, individual, families and communities, especially those usually marginalized by society. She has an incredible empathy that creates in her the ability to understand the needs of others and drives her to assist in seeing those needs met by giving deeply of herself. Danny has devoted her life, resources, talents and energy to helping others and works

closely with non-profits who were reaching out to help others to break free of socioeconomic barriers and destructive cycles to improve the overall outcomes and quality of life for those she served. Danny’s work in life is defined by her personal creed and motto: “To assist, enable, encourage and serve.”


Danell Spillman
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