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Jaia Stewart


I am a Certified Peer Support Specialist and Certified Crisis Interventionist. I am extremely knowledgeable and experienced working within the judicial system, the streets of New Orleans, and within the walls of hospitals, detoxes, prisons and anywhere services are needed as a case manager, crisis interventionist, or peer support specialist. Experienced in providing awareness of resources available (such as MAT and counseling services) to the court system and worked directly for rehabilitation as opposed to incarceration for those affected by mental health issues/dual diagnoses, i.e., substance use disorders and assisting those who have suffered unnecessarily within the prison system.  As a result of hands-on solutions and successes, I have received accolades from court officers including prosecution, defense, and probation for getting individuals immediately into detox and treatment centers instead of them waiting months in jail, needlessly suffering without medical treatment.

I have helped the formerly incarcerated, the unhoused population, folks in the midst of crisis, those seeking SUD treatment, and victims of trauma by providing access to resources, thus removing barriers to social services and healthcare, and using my own life experiences to inspire others.

I possess exceptional communication skills with a record of community out-reach with accomplishments in areas of mental health awareness, Overdose prevention, working within the framework of state grants, instructing first responders and clients in institutions on how to use naloxone, administer rescue breathing, recovery position etc. I have lived and worked in New Orleans my entire life and overcome the obstacles in which I now utilize the experience to help live my purpose helping those suffering in ways that I am intimately familiar with from my life experience as a survivor of trauma and the system. 


Jaia Stewart
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